I am a wanderer by soul, and a writer by heart. Yes, I have a strong urge to see the whole world and to be honest, I am quite fidgety. I think it all started in 1999, when I read “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe, I still have the book. I had dreamed of doing two things all my life. Travel and write, and I can gladly say, I am doing it. Albeit, the journey hasn’t been easy, rather a tumultuous one. But I have sustained and survived. I did my first trek in 2000, and in 2006 I went to study Tourism in Singapore. I have been to 12 countries and completed a couple of treks. Also, I have dived in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, somewhere in Bermuda just for the thrill despite being hydrophobic. Well, now you have an idea how crazy I am.

But all of you must be wondering why the name Curious Hounds?

I am crazy about animals and HOUNDS specifically, they take my breath away. And in 2009 someone came in my life. Roberto, a naughty, yet with an aristocratic and intelligent attitude black & brown dachshund. He came to our home and was considered the only son of the house. His eyes always gave me strength and his peculiar look gave me substantial wisdom.

He is no more with us, but he instilled the habit in me to always BE CURIOUS, and his profundity certainly made me profound to follow trails and sniff jaw dropping stories.


Kimi, his wife is still with us, who is my woof daughter and the most stable woman in my life.

I aim to travel, and wherever I go, I find these beautiful hounds everywhere who all become my friends somehow. They all motivate me to keep writing immersive stories.

I hope my stories make all of your jaw drop and leave you curious.

So follow me and all the Curious Hounds on this beautiful journey and always Be Curious. Woof Woof.