I am a wanderer by soul, and a writer by heart. My main aim in life is to travel and interact with people from all phases of life. Most of you must have heard this from me and I am sure it gets boring. But I had to blog about this epiphany I had a couple of days ago.

All my life I wanted to do one thing. Travel! And turn my travels into compelling tales so people who read my stories, travel with me, get inspired and start travelling themselves. But the past couple of years have been hard for me. I had digressed, and lost my path. Frustration, anger and failure can lead you to the bottom and leave you astray.

From being a waiter in restaurants, crew member at cafes, bartender at chic hotels, copywriter trainee at an advertising agency, business manager at a photography institute, marketing manager at India’s best adventure travel company and the world’s largest sport retail in the world, account manager at India’s leading food online marketplace, social media at a comedy club and finally leaving at senior copywriter in a small yet talented advertising agency writing ads and conceptualising ad films, I have donned many hats.

I have also done a bit of freelance work writing content, acting and hosting for hospitality and media companies. Yes, there was a time from 2018 to 2019 till last month I wanted to become an actor, going for auditions and failing all of them, like I said before, I digressed a lot from what my path is and what I am best at.

But something has changed in my life. I think it’s a voice from god or self-belief in myself. Frankly speaking I should have referred to the 1997 Celebration of Book week “Story Telling competition” I won in Delhi.

I was meant to travel and tell stories, I had just forgotten about it. A very close friend of mine when he was over my place quoted it very well. “People travel and share their experience. But I, absorb the travels within me”. And that regained my confidence at a very low point in my life, which was last month.

I am starting all over again, after so much hard work, after attaining petty success, after struggling for the past couple of years losing my will, heart and my smile, I am doing it all over from scratch. I am going to write travel stories that will make everyone curious, bring a smile on their face and make them pack their bags so they start their own journey. That is my aim. To promote travel and tourism and create a world of curiosity.

It is funny because now when I have made up my mind and hell-bent on my dream, I am getting calls for ad auditions, friends making me lucrative offers, and some job offers. I don’t blame them, they are merely doing good for themselves and trying to crawl through a hard world. But god and the divine power are checking me yet again if I digress again or not. But guess what? I am not going to, and this statement might sound abrupt to everyone but this is the truth.

I am the best travel writer in the world. I know it, now it is time for the world to know.

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