You all know I fiercely advocate to take pleasure in all the good and quirky deeds you can think of to appease your soul. Well, I now suggest to take a leap, experiment and experience it.

I already did it, believe me, it was a thrill, though many were astounded that gave me both a reason to gloat and think seriously that a set mind needs to be unquestionably changed.

You would like to know what I did for my happiness. It all started a couple of months back when a younger friend of mine got tonsured, keeping her word with Lord Venkatesh at Tirupati Balaji, down South where one gives away hair in return of wish fulfillment. She looked damn good without her hair too. Suddenly, I had the urge to get away with my beautiful and healthy shoulder-length hair. As it was, I was under constant social pressure to camouflage my whites. With colour swiftly washing down with every shampoo, the fortnightly upkeep became quite demanding. I decided, but I knew it was a non-conservative mission. Many eyebrows would raise. But, I also believe in keeping myself happy, of course, with no harm to others. And what damage could my tonsured head do to anyone?

I voiced it to my son, the only other member of the family. He, who shares the same opinion of keeping oneself in eternal cheerful spirits said, ‘OK, go ahead if you must.” It was like a validation from the person staying under the same roof.  Now the next task was to convince my bestie who has strong likes and dislikes; a hard nut to crack, but I paved my way through. Finally, when I was with her at a boutique to pick her stuff, I pronounced, ‘listen, now that we are out and have time, let me get rid of my salt and pepper’. Prepared that she was, she took no time in ushering me to LOOKS, the Salon, though the receptionist there was flabbergasted hearing my intention.

Now, that I was seated, with my hairdresser, Arun, ready to embark on his adventure, something stirred in me. I said, “wait”. He stepped back. I took God’s name, called my son to inform of my thrilling moment, looked at my friend and gestured Arun to continue.

My friend happily kept taking pictures.

I was elated. Looked cool to me, in spite of being a hard critic of myself. I forwarded a picture to my son who immediately wrote back, ‘you look cute, mom’.

The event was not over yet. I sent my pictures to my mom, three sisters, twin brothers, and their wives.  All my sisters were stunned, went frantic thinking the worst of my health. The elder of the twins called, skeptical but politely remarked, yeah, a good change.’ His wife commented that I am a bold lady and looked hot. The younger of the twins, a jolly fellow, perhaps his heart pounding remarked, ‘looking nice, sis. I am coming to see your remarkable look. His wife applauded my free spirit but I could feel some tension beneath her voice perhaps suspecting my ill health. My 82-year-old mom just lamented ‘Why dear’?

A couple of days later, when appropriately convinced that the exodus of my thick mane was absolutely for my rapture as opposed to their concern for my probable health issue, they insinuated in my cheerful spirits.

This is how the world works. If you stick to your goal, trust your honest confidence, ready to face people’s incendiary tongue and expressions, you sweep the board. It may be a rigmarole initially, but if your intentions are clean and clear, you win. Haven’t I already told you?

See you soon. Till then dig in your hankering and do something delightful about it before you regret it.

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