Hello lovely souls!

How’s the aroma of wet soil treating you?

To me, the monsoon sets a perfect romantic backdrop to read under the gazebo, with the breeze touching my cheeks and ruffling my hair. The raindrops from the sides tickling me, and I made of five elements, merging in them, yet breathing in sheer delight.

I applaud myself, for the wise decision taken of this three side half enclosed concrete gazebo constructed at the time of smartening my huge back yard. This, in fact has become a favourite family and friends spot.  

You’ve guessed it right. The lazy pitter pattering Sunday, today, I spent under this beauty gorging on delicacies and playing Monopoly with my nephews cheating, grumbling, complaining, pulling each other’s leg, mimicking and laughing until the daylight started to recede. Perhaps the rain enjoyed us more than we enjoyed it. What you don’t know is this place is like a paradise, laden with pretty red and white blooms of Madhumalti, a Rangoon creeper. Surrounding the walls of gazebo with Italian basil and Aloe Vera, vibrant pink button roses insinuating out of nowhere. I wish I could show you the skills of my gardener, Raghu, who had planted cherry tomatoes in the hanging baskets, cascading like cluster of big round rubies falling down. Believe me, they are juicy and sweet packed with vitamin A, C and K. I use it in my pastas and salad; stir fry and put on a slice of baguette with generous drizzle of olive oil topped with salt and pepper. What a delight!

Well, Gazebo or no Gazebo, pure gratification comes from within. I find this modern world complex and demanding, for most, who try to find happiness outside their boundaries. A simple ludo game, scrabble, carom or cards with a hot brew paired with pakodas make the rainy day perfect. Its togetherness that matters, not where and what. I remember my childhood vividly. During vacations, we used to gather at our Grandparent’s house with all uncles and aunts and hordes of cousins bullying, fighting, playing, eating and merrymaking bidding farewell at the end of vacation with tears in eyes. The relatives now are replaced with money and emotions with gadgets. No personal touch, mechanical, boring and insipid compared to what we experienced. Today, experience means high degrees with class jobs and foreign travel. No place for humans in life. Don’t we have top breed dogs now?

Honestly, nature, travel, art, wildlife etc. are rejuvenating and educative, but don’t we need the togetherness of our loved ones to encounter and endure the adventures and events of our life. The emotional integration is with human participation and not with the matter.

What say?


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