My friends!

It is a beautiful monsoon drizzling day with gentle wind blowing. I can see outside the window the nature alive, with all dirt and grim washed away, the greens gleaming more. As I began writing this delightful regular feature, with a steaming mug of richly aromatic coffee, a swig taken, smacking my lips, Kimmy startled me with her tickling stir at my feet, looking up responding to the conspicuous flavour of the beverage. Till then, I had not realized her presence, carefully planting the mug on the table, bent and scratched under her chin. Enormously pleased, she kept sniffing at my hand as if the brew flowed through it. She is almost ten and hangs around with me everywhere. Yes, even in my office and, this particular day, she perhaps walked in before me from my adjoining residence.

I sit back, take another sip, watch her innocent eyes reflecting infinite love for me. I am chuffed to the core. Honestly, no one has ever loved me as much. My son, mostly retorts back to my affection, saying he is big enough to take care of himself, secretly enjoying the attention but Kimmy, my darling, has never let me down. She always has made me feel valued, her communication to me is far distinct than any human in my life.

 Oh! she just pawed at me seeking my attention; she does not want a brooding me.

Pet parenting is an exciting and enriching experience;

is a sure way to get away with boredom, more importantly, you have a companion willing to understand your state of mind without being overly indulged; such agreeable friends.

Kimmy came after one year of Roberto being with us, on my son’s insistence, who thought of Roberto having a company in our absence, and otherwise too. Unfortunately, the handsome guy left us, a bit too soon, due to an inappropriate medical condition. The loss was unbearable; my eyes still look for him playing with his favourite red tweaking toy. He was a bright child with amazing energy, ever so communicative with his gestures and different barks with different pitches implying different messages. Of course, I understood them all. But so is Kimmy with her feminine approach. Amazingly, he was a protective and an extremely caring partner to Kimmy, never allowing her to run into our backyard bushes; in times she went after the birds, the rolling ball or out of her curiosity, he would bark at her in quick successions literally dragging her back and licking her incessantly. It was a treat watching them sitting together, near the French windows for hours together, watching passerby’s and their barking on them unnecessarily like a couple having times together, wanting to enjoy their togetherness quietly.

I had observed many a times, both of them barking at each other in a different pitch and volume, and after sort of talking it out between them, Roberto would come running to me, with his gestures drag me where the leashes are kept, almost forcing me to walk them. In my mind the question remained, who is walking who? He really knew to talk me into his whim. Once, we had come back after a short vacation, post paying our toll tax to them in the form of excessive petting, as I was about to get up, he pawed my hand and in no less than obvious manner turned his head towards my den with his eyes fixed on me, then swiftly rolling back his eyes balls back there, where we generally spend time with both these lovely beings sitting beside us munching on their crunchy treats. The unmistakable motion signal was more than clear. We were aghast! His expressions were explicit, determination shown. He was beautiful with black regal sheen and roamed around with poise that could put king lion to shame. He was like a son to me, absolutely clear of his choices and, mine too, for he would persuade me, yes, with his distinguishable body language, to sit in my favourite reading corner, after breakfast, so that he could sit near my feet as a matter of habit, with a chew stick that I give them both to keep engaged while I am immersed in reading. Though, fond of my son, he never liked him to argue with me or raise his voice at me. His snarl at him made it clear. Of course, Kimmy dutifully relied on him, true to her wifehood. This pretty girl, when months old, like a human child was so fond of coming in my rocking arms that it made me forget the species and I happily swung and sung to her. Later when she grew up, on my coming back after a long day she would nip gently at my dress wanting me to yet give her more time; a precious moment indeed, to savour. Where do you get such unconditional love? I marvel at their wisdom.

Strange are the ways of God. Kimmy, now single is more attached to me refusing to stay away from me. Her quiet tell-tale mannerisms with speaking eyes conveys her mood. She knows me by clock and action, and is, too happy to climb in the car when she hears me calling, ‘Kimmaa, hurry up’.

Their being around me and their playfulness always kept me in good spirits, my heart healthy. Roberto is an irreparable loss, but Kimmy has ironed out the vacuum with her effortless girl to mom love. We are a world to each other. It’s a pure delight to live with her barks, yelps, whines and growls.


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