Charity! What is it? Is it something that makes you happy? Or, is it something that makes you look good in the society? Or maybe it is something that empowers you. Charity can be viewed in many ways. But, all said and done, it is a simple concept. Charity should be deep rooted in you and you should understand equality. The contribution of your profit should profit the community at large. With education being the forte that leads to creating employment, and improving the healthcare leading to a basic and healthy lifestyle. But Charity in India is understood from a perhaps predetermined perspective.

We are a society that will splurge a large amount on religious causes. On temples, religious idols, god men, pujas and much more on the same lines. That is what charity and social responsibility means to us. No wonder there are massive crowds in every temple these days, but hardly we can garner crowds when there is an important event organized solely by women in various fields from Business, sports, arts and culture. India is not this, our incredible country has a lot to offer, has umpteen talent and unmatched resources. We just need the right approach to execute everything in an immersive manner.

And to do that, we need a social consulting firm that bridges the gap among NGOs and the corporate sector to help build the country in the most authentic and organized way. The Bridge India had started with the sole purpose to improve education, health, livelihood, gender inequality and disability in the country. Finding relevant and authentic NGOs to work together with companies for the betterment. With a strong panel of Board members and advisors. The Bridge India has experience, is insightful, meticulous and is extremely passionate to transform India through effective Corporate Social Responsibility.

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