Hello again!

Two days ago, after my Creative Writing workshop for children, I was talking to their mothers, who happened to be a mix of working ladies and educated homemakers, vehemently lamenting to having not enough time to pursue their newfangled interest. They said, the first half of the day was spent in domestic commitments and the later part was devoted in escorting their children to various tuition’s and other activities. I observed their fancy clothes and suave mannerisms, hesitant for a moment, but then my curiosity took better of me. I asked, ‘so you are not happy?’. Their rejoinder, almost in unison was, ‘of course very much so.’

After few seconds of my departure I could hear them at my back chattering merrily, anyone hearing them would have envied the happiness that shone on their faces. I deliberated on their words. Are they happy or not happy? I felt my wisdom at challenge. After contemplating for a while I jerked my mind. Why am I even bothered? Is it because of my students? Well, almost immediately my brain produced an answer. Because, a writer in me wanted every bit of information that posed a question? An insatiable curiosity to delight my soul and yours.

We are living through a time of great change with enormous opportunities for women to present talent and become something of pride socially, when few, who could not, feel undercurrents of being no body in spite of leading a comfortable life.  An inner hidden constant feeling of failure jutting out invariably for want of recognition, especially when one sees a successful professional. An indefinite baggage surfaces.

As always, I strongly emphasise in keeping yourself happy. Pull your strings and take a second glance in your life. Working or not working, just make the emotional connect with what makes you feel good with what you have in your bag. The purpose of life is to enrich ourselves. Give importance to your qualities of nurturing your family with love, compassion, trust, belief, respect and understanding. And you have been doing a wonderful job at it. Your elders are happy and comfortable piling you with blessings. Your children are marvels and, of course, through all the ups and downs with your partner, you have managed your energy in making all things around your haven bright and beautiful; peace and tranquil. You have etched memories. Can there be anything more nourishing to the soul?

Your finer qualities are your achievements. Rejoice. Rejoice. Rejoice. Even Gods are happy. That my dear, is a pure delight.


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