Welcome again readers!

Don’t we all have life time prodigious stories and experiences to take delight into?

But perhaps, taking joy out of modest affairs have gone defunct. I say, it’s truly down on one’s luck if the Creator’s creation and its functioning cannot be understood, taken in right stride, conducted accordingly and appreciated. Is there a need at all for being overly ambitious, chasing futile prosperity and ever trudging with nowhere to embark upon, except for extraneous flaunting? Yes, I am reiterating because being cocky is vain.

I am amazed at the rapacity with which people spruce up their homes forgetting that it’s their soul that actually needs a good amount of regard. I am sure you will agree with me that each of us have some unique moments in our lives to take pleasure into and, take a thrill out of it, or at least, enjoy out of nature’s wonderment. In fact, from sunrise to moonrise, we have ample of reasons to rejoice, there is only a need to reckon it. My simple easy to please heart leaps up with anything that makes me smile and, almost every natural thing kindles me. Just the other day, my nephew was talking of his two-year-old daughter’s silly talks with much mirth, and while speaking his words were ducked with enormous delight. I could see pride and pleasure on his face. It transported me to three decades back that reminded me of my son’s first tooth; his babbling and mimicking mightily enchanting the whole family; his taking first steps at his eleventh month; his first time calling me mama; his reciting of short poems and his giggling on tickling him. Later, when he was two, his dancing on music entertained the family and we would all clap encouraging him to continue that in turn, made him dance with glee till he dropped. His every action and his baby talk were like balm on my tired days. As he grew to 3 and then 4, even his tantrums embellished with mischief, were my source of entertainment.

In general, there is so much around us to appease ourselves that goes unnoticed due to its simplicity. But if you want to remain happy, just let things seep into you effortlessly and allow the nature to work. Happiness is effortless, only desire should be there.

See you next week.


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