A simple-hearted person like me finds happiness even in the swaying of branches and smiling of glistening green leaves in a cool summer breeze, chirping of birds or their sitting on the terrace parapet; pitter-pattering of rain and many other things that are insignificant to the zillion pair of eyes in this fast moving world, in the pursuit of God knows what. It simply delights my soul and I feel this planet is the best gift God has given.

A couple of days back, just as I entered my kitchen garden, a tiny red tomato amidst the scores of green ones drew my attention, perhaps was waiting to see a smile on my face. I stood there bewitched by its virgin beauty. It’s typical red colour had an affable spirit that seemed calling me in its profound language of feelings. I could feel a magical connect between us. Completely lost in its innocence, inebriated, I walked towards the plant and touched the little marvel, not knowing to pluck it or to keep gazing. Its smile turned into the silent conversation which my heart continued to respond until it appealed to dance in my palm. Immediately, with utmost tenderness I pulled it and holding in my both palms spoke aloud, “Happy.”

There are many instances when my soul kicks with childlike pleasure. I take sheer delight in savouring every precious moment the Almighty blessed me with, never sulking for my exiguous and inessential amass that the globe is getting berserk at.

We are all made of five elements representing our five senses, and will merge in it one day. So, why not take delight in the delightful energies created by the creator succumbing our soul to wallow the essence of it. I shall talk more about my basking in happiness, in my next tête-à-tête with you.


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