Indian Football Re-emerges

Apart from the most played sport in the world, football is extremely competitive. Everyone wants to be a part of it in some way. From small countries, politicians, celebrities, corporations, writers, or normal people who just want to debate on it endlessly. Football is practically changing everyday, with such rapid changes a country like India can’t afford to be left behind. Well, we Indians too, are competitive, aren’t we? We are a country of heroes, legends and gods, we have struggled yet battled each of our conquerors, and endured. We once were a great footballing nation and other Asian countries feared us. But we started developing other interests since the 70’s and European football took a wicked advantage of the situation, after all Football is not just a sport, it is a lucrative business, but yet, it is much more.

The anatomy of Indian football has changed once again, funding from organisations, the training methods, foreign coaches, exposure tours abroad and the fan following.

Blue Pilgrims, the official fan following religiously support the National team. They are everywhere in the country shouting their lungs out.

Igor Stimac has been here already for 2 months and played two tournaments to check which players can play top quality football in Asia against big teams.

The draw for Fifa World Cup 2022 Qatar with joint qualification of AFC Asian Cup 2023 China is complete and India is in Group E as follows:






Qatar won the AFC Asian Cup this year so it will be hard to play against them, albeit a really exciting and interesting exposure for us. It’s time to support our team with all guns blazing and witness Indian Football re-emergence.

The campaign begins in September, so all the best to coach Igor Stimac and all the players. Always stay curious. Woof Woof.

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