The book is a wonderful union of the author’s research, imagination and his expertise with words. It depicts human complexities and with the notion; justice does not come easy. Oswald Pereira’s spiritual element has brilliantly captured even the magical and mesmerising characters of brave lion and lioness’s disgust towards the abominable human act.

The story takes us to 1545 when the Portuguese King and the Pope jointly embarked on a forced conversion mission in a small area in Maharashtra ruled by a young princess Darshana Kamya Kathodi, there transpired the most draconian act of rape, shamelessness and murders in the name of the compassionate and loving Jesus under the conversion team led by Brigadier Braganca. The princess faces betrayal by her greedy subject Govind Laxman Prabhu happily converted as Joseph Lawrence Pereira Prabhu in return of unimaginable riches. Indeed, he becomes one of the most infamous rich person among his own deprived people, and a favourite of Brigadier Braganca. The villagers fight back gallantly in order to preserve their religion but as most times the evil takes over the good.

The Gods allow the princess to come back on earth to take revenge. But, earth is a planet where one has to face lethal challenges with enormous grit. The portrayal of the dark and flowing changing state of Bishop’s character in order to protect himself is an unexpected but an intriguing description which compels you to think of human psychology.

The terrific roller coaster of this enchanting book brings you back from the historical milieu only in the last page, albeit with the expectation of a sequel.

Pages: 218

Genre: Fiction

Rating: 4.7/5

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing

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