India loves change, whether changing the name of cities, policies, plans or money. Maybe we understand the notion “Change is the only constant” like none other. We Indians are adept at adapting in any circumstances.

 Moupia Basu has written a beautiful and vivid story that will take you back in the past when the British cunningly took over India. Back then too, we were adapting. The Queen’s Last Salute is compelling, insightful and will keep you hooked, mostly because the story has been written in detail about Indian History and it portrays extensive research on the country and the obstacles that we had to face, but still faced with courage. The transition is evident because the story is set right after the Mughal rule in India. So there are vehement Muslim warrior characters that were much wanted in the grand palaces.

Curious Hounds were so engrossed reading the book, even while travelling we missed out on a few stations and just chose to be in the metro reading the story. As an Indian, this story will have a huge impact on you because it is centrally based on Queen Lakshmibai; the Queen of Jhansee, who was fearless, diplomatic, compassionate, poised and protected the people of Jhansee at its best.  

The most fascinating aspect of the story is its authenticity, it is weaved with honesty and how people of India are and their love for dramatics and grandiose celebrations in the Hindu tradition. The dholaks, garlands, welcome dance troupes, betel leaves and sweets, which is apparent even today.

Moupia Basu has been extremely generous for not revolving the story around the main protagonist, unlike in most other novels. She has brought other lesser-known characters in the forefront which is imperative and makes people wonder about them. Revealing the characters in this review won’t do justice to the story because it is meant to be read about them and comprehend their importance even if it is fiction.

Moreover, this story will make you realize how Indian women have always been great warrior’s despite being disregarded.

Pages: 347

Genre: Fiction

Rating: 4.3/5

Publisher: Juggernaut Books

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