The progeny of a classical vocalist mother, Sanjay Talwar grew with music in his ears and, not surprisingly, became a star singer winning awards in his college. Academically, a double Chemistry graduate and a Chemical technologist in a joint export business with his brother, married with two children, led a typical conditioned and judgemental life wearing coloured lens over his inner eyes until at 27 years. In 1982 he met HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahajayoga meditation technique which brings a breakthrough in the evolution of human awareness; known as Self Realization, which is the awakening of Kundalini through the central channel, piercing through the six chakras above the sacrum bone.

Following this meditation 1984 onwards, it changed the entire course of his life taking away all confusions. He was reborn, discovering the truth about life and self, more importantly the capacity of human being’s achievements. He gained a fresh insight to a new mind set and a whole lot of new experiences in Her divine company understanding the subtle knowledge and how the Divine works.

Her teachings flowed through him in the form of poetry. He was divinely nourished as a poet, a music composer and a singer. Thus, a phenomenal journey began in 1986 leading to 21 audio Albums comprising of over 150 songs and a video release in March 2003 that worked on the seekers of truth by Her blessings.  HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi blessed him saying, ‘Assume your powers and never doubt them.

The entire world is waiting to hear you. Go ahead, keep creating and keep sharing’. The influence of meditation distinct on his personality, basking in Her eternal words to be a Lord’s clean & respectable instrument of music and permission to reach out to the seekers globally, the transformed and blessed Sanjay, arduously paved his way through all difficult channels, formed an NGO Immaculate Ideal Foundation and produced a 70 minutes feature film: Grihalakshmi The Awakning fulfilling Shri Mataji’s desire to take Sahajayoga to the next level through Cinema making it a means to resolve all problems of the world.

He coped the making of the film brilliantly with equally brilliant crew. The captivating plot has a style to evoke spiritual quest which leaves the audience in a permanent rhapsody through the story of two sisters’ attitude and behaviour.

It had several trial shows in Delhi and Mumbai to take the opinion of the making of this film, and is now ready to be formally released Pan India on April 26, 2019. More significantly, the film has submitted entries for 14 International Film Festivals aiming to reach 108 festivals if not more.

Thus, the very affable Sanjay Talwar climbs another ladder of spreading Sahaja Yoga vibrations with fresh zeal. He believes Cinema has a massive potential to disseminate the ancient knowledge for the larger human benefit to establish Yoga, or Union, with the primordial energy attaining ultimate joy and peace.

What inspired you to make a feature film on this untouched subject? Were you not sceptical?

My inspiration for the film is: Her Holiness Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi. My inner being longed to make a Feature film even before I was introduced to Shree Mataji (in 1984). As a child I loved to watch films, and rarely missed any new release since my early years in 1961, when I was 6 years old. Music used to mesmerise me and I would spend hours delving in the beautiful melodies of Indian films. In the year 1986, barely 2 years after my initiation into Sahaja Yoga Meditation by Shree Mataji, I began to discover my creative potential as a writer, composer & singer. It started to sprout in my early tears of practice of this meditation. In about 16 years it grew in leaps & bounds till I had reached its zenith. It simply kept flowing from the divine knowledge I had imbibed in the presence of this great Goddess. I kept learning & writing about it in prose, presenting it to Her as an offering at Her Lotus feet, Her own message to mankind, on its tremendous transformative impact it had on my life. My Poetry got composed spontaneously, and my voice developed significantly in both texture, quality & softness. So the moment I rendered it, after She would give the Experience of Self Realisation while addressing world audiences, it begin to work on seekers of truth to help them connect deeply with their own powers within and feel their own transformations.

The real inspiration was then planted in my mind by Shree Mataji Herself, when She recommended that my songs be rendered eternal through the digital media. I already had over 21 Albums with 150 songs to my credit. In 2002, she asked me to take it to the next level in the form of Cinema.Really, the untouched subject had touched my heart so much, that the sprout of my creative instinct, nourished by her words spoken 15 years back, had grown into a full tree. That is when I decided to take the plunge, and bring it all back in the highest form of Cinematic depiction – The Film Grihalakshmi The Awakening.

There was no question of being sceptical. I simply knew that one day it would happen, and that day happened to be 08th Feb 2017, when I started the Non-Profit NGO – Immaculate Ideal Human Foundation, that finally became the Production House of the film.

What significant change has the practicing of Sahaja Yoga meditation brought in your life?

Undoubtedly, Sahaja yoga Meditation started to work on me from day one. Firstly, it came from a Mother, who appeared before me as the Mother of all Mothers. She was simple, loving, forgiving, cheerful, Joyous & extremely generous – I can say “the most fantastic person I had ever met in my entire life”. I felt the true light of my spirit shine within me. All my falsehood & shortcomings started to become so visible, that if I glanced at them even once, they began to shed away. I could practically wish away all that was negative about me & around me. Such was the impact of the meditation, that a complete transformation of my being had begun. It worked gradually, but surely, that I started feeling a kind of empowerment in my being. I started to see a lot of truth around me – which I could never see earlier. I started to enjoy life, its beautiful moments, that I probably had ignored earlier. It was like a second birth for me. I can sum it up with these words – Life is beautiful. Sorrow never exists. It’s nothing but pure love of the divine that percolates one’s every pore and fills you with a light that you can share and make the world look even more beautiful. I realised the real meaning of this life – And that was to become the harbinger of peace by spreading this light of love that I had received from Her Holiness Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi through the expression of my films.

What are your future plans to reach the larger audience?

The beauty about time is, that past was my present a while ago, and future will be my present in the next moment. The ocean is large to be reached out and so is the darkness of life that needs to be dispelled with the light of this wondrous awakening. Its profound nature is in a state called “Thoughtless Awareness”. This is the space or void where no thought exists, and where the Super-consciousness can permeate our beings and transform us into beautiful living beings  so that we lead a full, healthy & happy life – full of joy. So, my plans are to reach out to this infinite audience through the world of Cinema. Since, there are many like me spread over 150 countries who have been through similar experiences like mine, I am keen that all such like-minded persons join hands with me to help me reach out to world audiences. Audiences must also be empowered by doing this meditation and help themselves to a better life & world order. Therefore I would like my film to be seen in most of the Film Festivals of the world. Distribution in all Cinemas of the world can happen in a phased manner. Proper recognition of the teachings of this meditation must reach out to the common man & those who run Governments & educational institutions. That this meditation becomes a popular means to resolve all problems of the world, so that one day our world can be freed from all man made evils. Hence, my plans are to work on this front till eternity. My NGO shall endeavour by making more such films in the future, such that. it becomes popular in all forms of Media like TV, Social Media & Print. Other formats of participation are live shows, seminars, workshops in public places and corporates both in India & overseas one day – that it becomes a breaking news.

Does Sahaja Yoga solves everyone’s problems?

This is a very relative question. My answer is “Depends if one really wants to solve, what you call as problems” What many call as “Problems”, are not really problems for some. Unfortunately there are many such people, who think there is no problem at all, in the way things are. It is only the less fortunate ones, who really are in a problem because of such people around. There is a popular saying, that variety is the spice of life. There are those who seek the truth & want to experience it, so as to rise in their human awareness. Sahaja Yoga meditation helps them achieve it, and no doubt, depending upon how sincerely they do it, it works for them. It worked for me in these last 35 years. So my direct answer to your question is YES, but only for such people. Those who do not seek higher awareness or wish to connect to a higher consciousness, are the ones who do not feel the need for it, because they think they are good to go –as they are. For these non-seekers, Sahajayoga becomes merely a subject of discussion & not experience. For them no problems ever existed, so what is there to solve. That is what makes this question relative. Hence, we cannot generalise. It is meant only for those who deserve it. They have to earn it through humility. It firstly empowers you to solve all the problem of your life, provided you stay dedicated, devoted & focused. Ultimately, it is going to be the only solution to all the problems of this world.

What other mediums are available to make the people understand the benefits of Sahaja Yoga?

Other mediums are Digital (Virtual) like Internet. It has several websites, particularly www.sahajayoga.org or www.freemeditation.ca, and several others under search words “Sahaja Yoga”. Also there are several book written by enlightened & Self-Realised Sahaja Yogis. Besides Shree Mataji Herself has written several books. One of them being “Meta Modern Science”. There are several pre-recorded speeches of Shree Mataji during her programs of granting enlightenment worldwide. These have been preserved in high quality audios & videos available on-line. From time to time Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes are held in all cities of the world on every day of the week. Several Meditation Centres can be found in the same city too. Both National & International seminars are held from time to time the whole year round where several seekers/new people get a better insight to the benefits. Live musical programs, concerts & performance based shows facilitate the meditation process in many of these seminars. UNESCO peace initiative based out of the US conducts several workshops across the globe to educate on its practice & benefits.

Is the entire crew follower of Sahaja yoga?

Sahaja Yoga is a way of life. Anyone practicing this meditation in all earnestness, emits positive vibrations around. Half of the crew of the 60 odd crew members were already practicing this meditation before. They came together and pooled their creative resources to contribute to the film. The other half started working with us as hired professionals, with few of them wanting to donate their time & talent, to what appeared to them as a “good cause film”. Both these categories, when  they mingled together on the very first day, they performed a “Havan”, which is a sacred ritual to rid of all evil forces from preventing this project to complete. The positive vibrations of those already practicing seemed to have worked wonders on almost all of the rest who were new. And before we knew it almost the entire crew had started this meditation. This collective strength actually became so powerful during the shooting & the post production of the film, that at the end of it one could not differentiate one from the other. Such was the contagiousness of the positivity of this meditation.

We are curious to know if following this meditation leads as smooth a transition as depicted in the film

Actually, life is not that complicated as one makes of it. It’s all in one’s understanding of it. If one is inside of the play, sometimes he cannot be an observer, and his judgement gets clouded. But the moment he begins to see this play from outside, like an audience, he can immediately see more than what he could see when he was in it. It’s as simple as that. You can yourself now answer this question. As audience, you saw how easy & simple (Sahaja) it was, for the meditation to have become a smooth transition to transformation. But really, those who were playing this drama, and that means the real life characters, could have a different perspective & experience. Maybe not as smooth, or maybe very profound. We were limited to a lot of things when coming up with such a film. There was a story between two sisters, and how each one responded to inner desires & expectation from life. But the minute Sahaj Yoga Meditation entered in their lives, it suddenly became less complicated & rather became more enjoyable. That is all the message we wanted to convey. Within the various constraints of having made our very first film, we do see a lot of things we can do to make it a better. We are learning from this experience. I hope that you were moved by the simplicity of the film. It was meant to appeal to our hidden innocence within. Innocence that is very child-like. No wonder children seemed to love the film.

Curious Hounds wishes you Good luck in your Divine pursuit.

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