I’m not a big fan of quotes or cliched statements, but some just punch you with so much pain that it’s hard to overcome at one point. One such ‘cliched’ statement I have overheard many a time is “you should never give yourself away too much to anyone” and whenever I’ve heard it, I have ignored the thought intently, I’ve always thought that life is too short to ignore people, so I have met people from around the country and globe and interacted without inhibitions, some friends, some relatives, some acquaintances, and rest buffoons. Striking conversations and building a relationship, fell in love deeply. In short- I have given myself too much to people. And I wouldn’t like to say that I regret it because I have enjoyed and cherished such moments. But, over the years I have probably come to a conclusion that there is no better a companion for you than yourself. Think about it, if we speak philosophically we do come alone and we have to depart alone, we don’t get anyone with us neither take along when we die, so why do we rely on others too much? Loving yourself is probably the most underrated form of love. I once read that there is no formula for success but there is a formula to fail; that is to please everyone. You don’t have to, there is no obligation. We are spending way too much time chatting to people online or physically, making all sort of connections which is deteriorating us. I feel I don’t know myself anymore amid the crowd and chaos. We are probably, me too included are scared of loneliness. But I would love to give it a try, spending time with myself, in nature most likely, away from everyone, away from the chaos. And I think it’s a wonderful idea for everyone. Know yourself, it’s important. Because it is when you know yourself, you get to know about – LIFE!


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