The office of Curious Hounds is located in the millennium city’s most serene and green residential environs where each tenancy stands spectacularly verdurous. Here, every occupant is on go green mode. The natural aroma emanates all around in abundance, Mother Nature perpetually blessing.

With ever so curious senses, Curious Hounds always plodding to bring new stories to its readers has designed its backyard to yield organic produce, so that its members eat and think healthy to narrate interesting events around the world. But since the new city – Gurugram was developed by destroying the natural habitats of the wild, the peacocks and monkeys have nowhere to go but to mingle in the city life in quest of food and water.

Or perhaps nature’s way to teach us – to coexist!

So, there are common occurrences of their sauntering in the resident’s garden where they get ample to fill their stomach, albeit with some damage in return, obviously unknown to them. Perhaps, this is a natural justice to them for their habitat loss. While it is a treat to the eyes watching peacocks with their beautiful bluish green plumage and the monkey’s stunts, the occupant has to bear the brunt for the produce is not left for their consumption; their gardens trampled. It has come to hearing that the mischievous Monkey family gave a fright to many, leaving a few bitten. Having said that, the tired eyes glued to the computer for hours writing stories and researching, inadvertently peering out of the large glass window with a fantastic view to write, experience and romance with nature.

It was Wednesday, the first working day of 2019 when the calm old girl started barking incessantly beyond her accepted routine barks, which are on the slightest sound and movement that alerted me but I found my surroundings in order. Her lunch time was still an hour away. Then remembering her remarkable smelling sense and her gesture to open the back door prompted me to roll up the blinds.

And there was a most arresting scene. Amazingly horrific. A monkey family of four was on picnic. This backyard was already damaged by their unabated fury in the past. The already wrecked Papaya trees, Mulberry bush, growing lemon and Jambul tree were still the pride of the yard along with other vegetation. I ignored the continuous barking of my Dachshund and stood transfixed. While Papa monkey was conveniently plucking aubergines and eating it, Mama monkey wasted no time in gobbling down the lovely soft long stems of zesty aromatic coriander leaves to glory as if in a hurry to win coriander marathon. With my presence of mind and some luck I managed to capture their ecstasy on my phone with their infants jumping and enjoying little understanding the chaos they had created.

Later, Kimmy girl showed some mood for not letting her being party to the scene for her olfactory powers still troubled her to know the intruders in her territory. I stroked her lovingly bribing her with my favourite chocolate and she happily licked me. After all she just needed some acknowledgement for her astute senses.

As I winded up for the day and stepped out I saw three peacocks, perhaps a bevy, strolling and pecking away tiny flora and insects in the front lawn. I pulled back and took pleasure in watching their notoriety, silently watching their classic beauty. Only when they flew away I regretted my mobile camera idling. But Gods hear our inner voice. Immediately my eyes fell on a peahen sitting proudly on a parapet. Loosing no time, I quickly clicked few pictures.

I could not but laugh heartily the next morning when I spotted two squirrels that seemed like playfully chasing each other.

Settled at my desk as I was completing my article on Karma, my mind went away to the previous day’s animal and birds’ episode. What a beautiful and an inspiring live example it was of Karma theory…that what we do creates a corresponding energy that comes back to us.


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