The front yard of our house is a favourite venue for meditation in the morning. My son and I are in a state of bliss for almost a spell of two hours.  This period solely belongs to both of us. Nothing can deter us from our divine routine, save an emergency.

The lawn is a refreshing green with the prominence of palms and Chinese oranges. The tempting showered earth’s smell invites you to sit there for hours. A flock of birds flying for the day and chirping birds perched on the tall bottle brush is a feast to the eyes. An almost extinct species, a butterfly, adds to the flavour of the serene atmosphere. The soft wind rustles the leaves as if to smile at us. The not- so- warm rays of the sun brings blessing of the mighty Lord and sits delicately all over the body.

Sahajayoga, founded by Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, is a system of meditation which I am following since the last fourteen years. This meditation has brought me closer to Mother Nature and to myself. In fact, this form of meditation is a process that achieves self realisation. It is a simple method of activating the inherent divine energy residing in us in the shape of a coil on the base of spine. By activating this energy one is able to clear ones chakras by the simple method of seeking blessings from the Divine.

My son has a doting habit of lying in a relaxed position near my feet after the meditation. With his eyes closed, he gently talks about the subtle beauty and grace of nature. He enjoys soaking in its vibrations. On one such occasion, he suddenly got up and asked me to check his vibrations, which is a normal practice of Sahajayoga. Through this process of ‘checking’, as we may call it, we are able to decipher the state of chakras for the being. My son sat indulgently with his back facing me. I fondly placed his head on my lap. His face directed the sky and he looked calm, oblivious of the surroundings. After a while I asked him how he felt. He then slowly opened his eyes and blissfully looked at me and gave me an account of his unique experience. He told me, as I started working on his chakras, he was engulfed with a Divine feeling and saw Shri Mataji in red clothes asking him “Khush Ho Na”  (Are you happy) to which he replied, “sab badiya, aap batao” (all is good, you tell me). Shri Mataji then lovingly said, “ab main thak jaati hun” (I get tired now) to which he replied, “main kuch kar sakta hun aapke liye.” (Can I do something for you) Then very affectionately Shri Mataji said, “tum apni maa ka khayal rakho.”(You look after your mother) He then told me, while I was placing his head on my lap, at that moment Shri Mataji had kissed on his head and said, “ab main chalti hun”(now I leave) and leaves quickly as if in a hurry.

Shri Mataji often appears in front of Her devotees in Her divine form, communicates with them and blesses them. She is omnipotent and
omnipresent. More than my son, I am in awe and wonder about the episode while he is joyous about the Divine encounter and is deliriously happy.

This happened five years ago and he has been taking good care of me and is a changed person.


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