Reading FC would have made millions and won titles, only if they had read Brandon Fernandes well enough back in 2012 when they were willing to bid $1million for him, but, unfortunately the deal didn’t materialize and as we all know, things happen for a good reason. Brandon Fernandes stunned everyone in Cape Town, South Africa in the ASD youth academy and was also invited for trials at Leicester City FC. He currently plays for FC Goa in Indian Super league, and is having a fantastic second season. Brandon has a habit to dazzle fans with his creative style of play, whether it’s passing the ball or scoring from the wings. He is agile, intelligent and utilises his mind to the maximum in the field. Brandon definitely deserves to be in the Indian national team squad. His creative skills would make the team win some matches and impart some creativity. Brandon Fernandes is just not a footballer but an Artist as well.

We are glad to have the opportunity to chat with him.

Q) Brandon, it is a pleasure to connect with you, please tell us about your journey till now?

The Journey so far has been absolutely challenging and fun. It feels good to watch myself overcoming all the hurdles and achieving the goals.


Q) Seeing you play is a delight. Especially for people who are into La Liga. Do you think you have a Spanish flair or style of play?

Well, not sure if I have the Spanish flair, but, I can confidently say that I have harmonized my skills in that style.

That is some wordplay Brandon, we are sure the La Liga authority is all ears. WINK


Q) What do you think about Indian Football and its future? The leagues and participation in International tournaments?

I must say that Indian Football has definitely climbed a level higher and it feels good to see so many Indian players displaying good Football. Hoping it only gets better and better with every passing season.

Q) How does it feel to play for your hometown club- FC Goa?

Goosebumps is all I can say. It is a blend of pride and happiness.

Q) If you have to choose the best fans in Indian Super League, who would it be?

FC GOA Fans, no doubt


Q) If still given a chance to play in Europe, will you give it a thought?

I am happy and doing good out here so far. But a better opportunity is never ignored.

Well, we still hope that you play once in Europe. Thank you for giving us your time and we wish you all the luck.

keep scoring those smart and witty goals and always BE CURIOUS!


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