It is very essential and ethical to respect yourself. Absence of this sentiment may unknowingly label you as an insignificant being. The most degrading element in your life could be little or no self esteem. It is deplorable to live in disrespect. Unless you identify your own virtues and value yourself, no other soul would admire you in spite of many attributes you share.

It is of utmost importance to recognize your feelings, desires, emotions, likes and dislikes and honour them. When you stand for your own value system, the entire world holds your opinion with admiration. This in turn raises your confidence giving you an identity. It makes you feel worthy in your own eyes and enables you to take your own decisions. It is practically impossible to be always right, but when you rightfully take delight in your own socio-morals to take the situation in your stride. Believe in “I am strong and wise”, leaving behind the hopelessness and the right events in your life start taking place.



Most people are unable to enjoy life as they lack the wisdom to introspect and shift from the monotonous style in fear of losing grip on their comfort zone. In fact, fearlessly get up and affirm with the best note you can think for yourself. Say it again and yet again. The resultant positive difference would be symbolic. After few days you would pleasantly notice a genuine and absolute change in your life. It is worth trying but with abundant faith. Experimenting with this idea will cost you nothing but will give you immense cheerfulness. 

At first it seems vain and unlikely but as one practices day by day, the inside feeling warms up towards the situation with faith and the gloom transfers in delight. The moment the positive result is visible the inner self becomes more affable and the energy level elevates. You now understand yourself completely and hence can give the best output in every field.


A change of Lifestyle with positive attitude and little learning can change the total life for the best. The irony is that this fact is known to all yet to implement is equally difficult.


A little effort makes your life permanently joyful. After all, we all seek happiness.






Fatty Bow_1

Neelam Uppal

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