The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery is the most translated, adapted, read and  loved children’s book in the world. So, it became mandate to read it.

Well, the book was read and didn’t just seem to be a children’s book as it claims to be, though the protagonist certainly is a child. The story contains a strong message for human kind. It seems, the author was upset in his impressionable age with feeble human desires and their lack of adequate understanding. He, perhaps, found people lacking in spirit, always finding faults with present situation that made them emotionally deranged. It appears, with his own experiences, he wanted people to see their habits and practices, so he brought this wonderful fable in a manner that didn’t whack their existing ego, but subtly brought them face to face with their own rigid and rancid attitude.

This 144 page, illustrious book is an adorable fairy tale but carries a cloud of gloom. It indeed, is a funny story that a child enjoys but has a deep emotional journey with a message for adults. The French author, Antoine De Saint Exupery, had raked the concerns delicately and adduced the issues in a child’s voice so that people could introspect and repair their perspective.

The beautiful classic poetic story starts with a narrator expressing his desire as a child to become an artist which was shattered as the adults could not understand his drawing. So he becomes a pilot. It further accounts on crashing his plane in Sahara Desert in Africa. While trying to fix the plane he comes across a prince with golden hair from a tiny asteroid where he is the only inhabitant. The little prince asks many questions and that angers the pilot, so he asks this curious being to leave him alone but his tears move him to comfort the little interrogator. Later, the prince recounts his meetings with others on other asteroid planets, each with their view point. He describes his interactions with a proud king, a vain man, a lamplighter and a geographer. The geographer tells him about the earth and that is how he lands here.

Along his travel stories, the prince speaks of adults for whom it is difficult to see things with a heart rather than eyes. He laments that the adults do not look in the deeper meanings of things and thus loose the essence of life: beauty, love and friendship. His own interactions make him realize the uniqueness in sharing and futility of obsession.

The piece is a perfect creative work that makes one introspect and examine the human behaviour. In fact, the book is more enjoyable for the grownups reconnecting to their inner child and who can elucidate to children with the meaning beneath the surface.

It is certainly worth the couple of hours learning about simple tricks of being in the present and learning to cherish the simple things in life.

Rating:  *****

Pages:  144

Publisher: Fingerprint Classics

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