The curiosity kindles yet again, nay continues. Are we on the perfect spree, forgetting to live an engaging life, rejoicing with our parents, children, relatives and friends? Do the modern amenities, high profile jobs with much coveted salary package entwined with blood sucking responsibilities, and ultra-modern houses supersede our simple desire to be just ourselves with our loved ones?

Hang on! There is a garnish too: piling our children with the chic stuff, coercing to secure cent percent academic results in order to become a robot earner, forgetting to inculcate the most obvious, the values. Most of them are ignorant of the glory of spending holidays with grandparents, busy in tuition’s to score well for high profile institutions or taking a foreign trip with friends. The worst ones squander the parents’ sweat shamelessly.

Please don’t take me wrong. There is nothing wrong with high education or a high profile job with a remarkable perky pay packet and living a comfortable life. The higher the better. In fact, after all the toiling from studying hard to acquiring a secured and a well off life style is a must have. Only don’t carry the baggage of more, more, and more.


Honestly, this ostentatious lifestyle is deteriorating the quality of life, thereby automatically infusing the blustering by products in the younger generation. Let us be cognizant of our vain competing endeavour with no one in particular in a bid to amass, living an insignificant and superficial life. Rectify before it boomerangs.


In addition, scores of us have happily become moron digital puppets much to the chagrin of senior citizens as they are left frustratingly ignored.

That being so, we have become habitual of dragging our lives, living monotonously day by day with inadequate approach, but interestingly, finding enough time to probe and dwell on others’ lives that actually does not matter at all, but gladly recording and pacing up with their wealth.

Now, is this our objective? Aimlessly hankering, envying and comparing the material position.

Instead, why not look forward for some element of real fun and enjoyment with our loved ones; do some social work to bring peace and harmony in the community

Travel, hike and trek;


Pursue your interests and hobbies. There are zillion ways. Rejoice in giving, sloughing off the cosmetic happiness establishing cheerfulness in our inner being. Build interest in daily chores and approach them with freshness and creativity. Our attitude and thoughts reflect on our face, and fortunately or unfortunately, that is how society judges us; labels us. If not earlier, now is the time to make every effort to live an honest candid life. It’s never too late.


Let us spend our lives in nurturing and caring relationships;

Fill our lives with vibrant emotions and deep feelings. We have to be human, and discover the true meaning and purpose of life. That is what brings inner peace. Let us do our Karma thoughtlessly and unconditionally with love and earnestness. “What we sow is what we reap”, so why not do everything that is a sheer pleasure and:


Live Significantly





Fatty Bow_1

Neelam Uppal




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