Book Review- Koi Good News?


So, when is the big day? Arre, it’s been so long, when will your little one come? Now it’s your turn, koi good news?


Living in India, all of us have heard these preposterous proverbs, directed towards married women without children. The book- Koi Good News is a prolonged version of these proverbs and how we as an Indian society are so messed up. It is beyond comprehension why we want women to only get married early and make babies? That’s not the end of their world, they too have the right to enjoy with their partner or be as ambitious as they want to be.


In all honesty, to read this book you don’t need intellectual acuity or if you aim to attain some, there is no reason to pick this book. But, if at all you manage to come across the book, do certainly grab it because it will relieve your stress and bring a wicked smile on your face. The story is extremely relevant if you happen to be from Delhi or N.C.R. and can relate to the loud, obnoxious, pretentious and prevalent Punjabis.


Do certainly read this book if you have gotten married recently or married for a good amount of time and planning to have a baby. It entails imperative information on pregnancy which will definitely help any husband from erratic panic attacks, or the imbecilic advice that every mother/mother- in-law gives who rely on Bollywood superstition, and the argument between a pregnant married couple that is pre-eminent and lets the wife win “I am giving you a baby, what have you done”?

The story is weaved in a queer yet gripping manner with both fretting out their thoughts that becomes humorous with a vivid contrast. To sum it up- it’s a light and breezy read but an absolute no brainer.


Rating: 2.9/5


Pages: 388


Publisher: HarperCollins


Author: Zarreen Khan

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