Sometimes, even with all intellect and wisdom, the mind goes blank and not a single thought conjures up to stir you. I often experience this situation and ponder on my thinking inability. Since the feeling is always gentle and soothing, I make no attempts to take any measures to rectify, if at all, it is incorrect. On the contrary I enjoy the moments.

I relish philosophical sessions with my son and often, also discuss my static state of mind, which is still, even in most turbulent times. He laughs and calls me a fashionable sage.

Upon much thinking and talking to wise people and practicing their knowledge, I concluded that the mind goes blank in two states. When you are in complete bliss, divinely connected and oblivious of surroundings during meditation or after you are tired of your complications and troubles and left clueless resorting to divine help, that let things take its own course with the will of God.

I was glad that I decoded the cause of this state. Later, while discussing again with my son, about various aspects of life and our reactions on them, almost in unison, we realised that it is only one state in which you are blank, and that is connectivity with divine- a meditative state which may last, sometimes only for few moments. Perhaps, it would not be incorrect to call this state of mind as thoughtless. In fact, when your heart gives away all the malice, and seeks Almighty’s Grace with a prayer…my will is thy will; your mind becomes blank, nay, thoughtless. Now, this could be in gratitude while in meditation or after or during utterly crucial period when you give in to the heavenly might. In either case, the mind is in harmony with divine experiencing the inner serene solitude.

The thoughtless state gives you peace, joy and contentment unmatched to any means of fortune or wealth. It is actually enjoying the present state with no question in mind for future or being guilty of your past. Practicing meditation becomes a pleasing habit which strengthens your concentration and connects you to divine. You feel in the realm of God and feel the infinite joy.

The soul is delighted and the happiness is spread.

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