Every human being must essentially have a spontaneous and selfless love for one’s country, ever ready for the defense of Motherland, and for no reason accept its traduce. The culture of the country should itself speak of unquestionable integrity that is naturally ingrained and followed by future generations.

Does it sound unrealistic? Don’t we all love our mothers? Indeed, we do, and all other members that constitute a family. It comes naturally to us and this is a reality. Our country is also like our mother for it gives us refuge and its produce. We survive on its every comfort and resources and thrive on its eminence. As citizens we are naturally bonded in brotherhood and must realize and imbibe this fact seriously. Globally, we are not gauged by our our individual respect or assets but how our country is positioned worldwide in every respect of its progress and development, particularly economic growth and international power. Most of us have experienced this harsh truth during our foreign visits and found that the country’s reputation does matter. Isn’t it sad that our country, Incredible India, in spite of making massive breakthrough in various fields on global map is still looked down upon with preconceived notions.

What can we do to obliterate this unnecessary antipathy?

We are so much caught up in our daily affairs, rightly so, to look after our families, but the unnecessary competition has made our lives mechanical deteriorating our overall mannerisms relinquishing the desired proper conduct. Thus, there is no sensitivity towards others. We deliberately make ourselves bland by heart with insipid looks, so much so, that even in the dire situation our lifestyle ill affords time to give a helping hand. Now, is it humane? A South Indian would not see a North Indian eye to eye and vice versa. Why? Language and culture difference! So is with North eastern vs other states and similarly in all four corners of the country. States are part of the country merely to make the government administration easy and not to disconnect with the people of other states. What is the reason behind it? Ruthless ego, selfishness and indolence. Yes, it is true. Perhaps a pet dog would score better in this regard. He has full loyalty towards his master.

Is it difficult to have loyalty and responsibility towards our own country? Here, Loyalty is Patriotism. But one does not learn patriotism, it is ingrained. It is proved that a human mind learns maximum from 0 to 7 years which eventually shapes into a full-fledged character. Therefore, the maximum sustainable learning should be given during these years. It is now when the need and importance of patriotism should be disseminated so that it is imbibed in the raw minds and the roots become a well-developed tree. The period from roots to tree requires proper nurturing that can give desired fruit.

Patriotism is not a deliberate attempt. It is a devout feeling for the country that cannot be learnt by merely hearing national anthem one fine day while entertaining with your friends and family. The attachment for one’s country should come from within. It is a deep sown feeling that has a strong bonding within the country men, not of superiority than the other. The feeling should be: united we stand forever. This much needed sentiment cannot be enforced at a retirement age or when you are at the peak of your services. Never when you are hungry and unemployed. Just as air and water are essential for our growth, patriotism should be our inherent character that cannot be ever challenged.

An active drama of playing national anthem at the beginning or at the end of a movie in theatre halls cannot but make mockery of patriotism.

Love your motherland as your own home and be responsible in weeding out the polluting elements even if you migrate to another country. You are responsible towards the land that reared you and made into a beautiful being.


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