Find your Serenity


The unnecessary rat race in the modern world biffs our happiness in spite of all the accumulated fortune. Only, if we believe in living a significant life, the oft jittery state of mind can be put to tranquility, though, there is no fool proof mechanism. The absolute truth is: life is a continuous struggle that needs to be battled. And the harsher truth is no amount of money can equate happiness. Undeniably, striving and yearning is no abuse, but then, sticking your head to the ground for continuous more and the unknown best is no wisdom either. It only takes you to an irreversible and unending accumulating journey leaving no instance for your own enjoyment.

Is this maddening pursuit even worth it? Are we born to aimlessly shuttle?


This one-point lifestyle defeats the purpose to live in the magnificent world. The Creator certainly didn’t create us for the money marathon. He made us to savour his abundant glory and here, we are in pursuit of something that is not even permanent, a devilish illusion. So, accept the fact and take charge of attaining the most obvious? Yes, happiness! Don’t allow your hard earned money to get spent in lavish hospitals making the doctors rich and yourself penny crunch.

Fortunately, we humans are the most superior lot of the creator’s boundless creativity, and can use our cerebral quotient to derive maximum thrill in this beautiful world. The world is full of incredible wonders that offers opportunities to the mortals to take joy in it, and make oneself more aware and knowledgeable. Haven’t we heard… to each its own. Each of us have an engrained passion and are attracted to something, but give away the desire to cope up with the mundane affairs, only competing to garner wealth for future generations that has not perhaps even taken birth; thus living miserly and meaningless. Definitely, unless one starts loving one self and give conspicuous importance to gratify, the crisp hoards would only be behind the fancy digital lockers for once in a while peep activity. Time to gear up for our own happiness. Indulge thoroughly and include friends and family in the activity that cheers you up. This will liven up the mood and the environment, giving a new dimension to your intellect and would put zest to the otherwise slack muscles.

There are ample things to do from fishing to photography to sketching or even dancing or collecting coins of various countries.

The list is endless.


And even looking at the world pass by!

For my own indulgence, I like to connect with Mother Nature and have proclivity for gardening. The moment I hold the hose and start watering the plants I am transported to a different world. Serenity envelops me and there is an absolute divine calm. The plants seem welcoming me with their leaves swaying and the frolicsome flowers smiling at me eager to share their story of the day. My spontaneous grin and twinkling eyes encourage them to change their tempo; from swaying to dancing. I wonder what they try to communicate; whether the sun was too harsh on them and lack of moisture intensified their thirst or, a look at the hose made them hopeful, or, are just happy to see me. Cheerfulness prevails all around with the five elements taking charge in unison, cleansing and purifying the aura. The surroundings liven up, and the earthy smell filling the nostrils brings me closer to the species merging my identity into them. There is an unspoken bond with a mute but a discerning audience. A perfect soulful romance.


Cleaning up the flower beds, bordering them with stones and bricks gives me a sense of creative achievement. The almost daily drill of making the small piece of land beautiful, talking and listening to the varied colored leaves and the flowers is like meditation. Sometimes when I pick up the dried leaves, I feel as if the plants are quietly mourning the exit of their family members with a faith they would reincarnate. As I crush them and sprinkle in the soil to reach the roots of saddened plants, their faith strengthens in their belief and behold! Not before long, the appearance of the curled green leaves give hope to my dreams too.

My own harvested vegetable produce gives a sense of creative feat. It’s amazing to sow seeds and watch them grow and is a wonderful way to constructively spend time with nature. I am hooked on talking to my mute but discerning friends. Interestingly, and as a matter of fact, gardening automatically takes away one’s worries calming the nerves. It’s a great way to understand one’s inner attributes and nurture something that gives immense joy upon blooming. It is perhaps the best outdoor activity enriching life to a great extent. An absolute aesthetic pleasure.


Fixing fences and trellis brighten my spirits as it stimulates my artsy side. The entire gardening juggle has so much to teach and give. I personally feel it has enhanced my life sharpening my skills and made me patient and composed. Above all, my garden has become a favourite family breakfast venue.


Honestly, despite the fact that the entire venture is captivating, I still enjoy watering the plants most. Now, who cares for the Money marathon?







Fatty Bow_1


Neelam Uppal

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