Book Review- BAHIR


The book is pacy to the readers delight with an interest quotient intact till the last page. The lucidly written story goes straight into the heart with no unnecessary sensory details or the ornate vocabulary.

Bahir is a pathetic journey of an adopted, beautiful girl Sawera, born in Pakistan, who juggles her emotionally drained life in the Middle- East to combat poverty and her honour; arduously struggling to make herself acceptable in the family where none wants her. Her fighting spirit to come out of the squalid circumstances, endures the physical and psychological abuse, until she has her own business in Bahrain. Finally, after the mean men in her life, she is happily married, the third time, to Iqbal, who sincerely values her.

An odyssey of a woman screaming to banish the age old miserable traditions; the truth that is scattered in various parts of the globe.

Read the book and find out how an irresponsible set of parents land their daughter in a torturous muck? How, with her determination, she crosses endless hurdles to give a safe and happy life to her four children? Most importantly, how the desire of the male member to improve the status of a woman can bring a drastic change in a woman’s life?

Rating: 3.8/5

Pages: 204

Publisher: Wordit, Become

Author: Monisha K Gumber


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Neelam Uppal

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