Every Female Wants To Be A Smasher

From the ancient times, women are supposed to look beautiful and men, a prominent figure bringing in huge finances. The global trend has seen, especially in the last decade, women too bringing in finances, huge or not. This changed the living parameters and the lifestyle soared with rising disposable incomes, encouraging the existing entrepreneurs to dispense their remodeled goods, and the newer entrants surprising the now moneyed consumers with tempting products that accentuated their looks. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking of beauty and wellness products that made women in India look so much shapely and alluring. Just like spurting of malls and brands, there has been a considerable explosion of captivating charm all around. The atmosphere is so much colourful and energetic as compared to a decade back. To look good is a past tense. Every female wants to be a smasher. And why not, when to their aid is, a humongous beauty and wellness industry all popped in from various parts of the globe. Interestingly, the market hypnotized the men folk too. There are Unisex Salons and the market is flooded with men’s beauty products. Now this is equality! Why should only women look beautiful? After all Adam and Eve were created at the same time. It’s not just the salons that cater to people’s beauty requirements, but there is a gigantic domain that includes gyms, spa, yoga, massages and holistic therapies that relaxes them completely to combat the following day’s work. The external products work fabulous on de-stressed bodies with their elevated confidence. It is noteworthy, that the beauty and wellness is not limited to the elite class, the middle class segment has leapt far and wide in indulging into relaxing activities, sometimes even as a couple or a family too in spa resorts.

Thus, the market sees a generous surge in beauty and wellness industry and almost every home, while budgeting monthly expenses, heedfully allocates a liberal amount to keep themselves presentable and healthy, perhaps more than their kitchen provisions budget. It is a conscious effort for both the sexes to keep themselves in shape with pleasant appearance. As a major necessity, people are apprising themselves of the various beauty products and treatments to make choices to go to brands that give them the value for their hard earned money in terms of tidy package of tranquility and appearance makeover. Admittedly, it is a delight to watch the personality upliftment at large, oozing charming vibrations.

However, our very own herbal heritage of beauty culture that had churned our Maharajas and Maharanis into exquisite beings is also on a commendable graph, albeit at a slower pace.

Thanks to the courageous women and their desire to earn and be independent and globalization that made the consumer aware of the existence of various products and their keenness to enhance their looks, texture and health. Many thanks to the beauty pageants that created the requirement of beauty and wellness products. Above all, much thanks to the men folk who walk hand in hand with women with equal desire to the gyms, salons and the spas.

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