God Made Human Beings To Help Animals


We humans are so lucky, we have hands, legs, eyes, nose, basically all body parts and they function perfectly. But, we also have an added advantage- “The ability to speak”, but some don’t. By some I mean- animals. They too possess body parts but those majestic beings can’t speak for themselves and humans have probably forgotten or not aware that they too are sentient.  Animals are so naïve that they put all their trust in us and we being we are known for taking advantage of them.

Why is there so much aggression towards them? What is happening? Is it the bad upbringing in the family that wherever you go you see kids throwing stones at dogs and their parents are okay with that, or it’s the superiority that people think they cannot even speak so let it be, there are so many such cases in this country and the law for animals is devastating, I wonder if India is only perceived the greatest developing country in the media because a country that can’t care for animals can’t achieve anything.

Now there are several foundations & animal NGO’S who care and one such NGO is Umeed for Animals Foundation. It is a hardworking and caring community who are making a difference and helping animals in distress, neglect and cruelty. They are perhaps the most prominent and heard of Animal NGO in India. With over a 120+ rescue operations per year and about 50 to 70 adoptions they are not just an NGO but they are best friends of these beautiful beings. This statement may sound abrupt to many but God did make human beings to help animals and Umeed foundation is doing that very well.


But we as good humans and citizens can’t entirely give burden to them, they are already doing plenty and rescuing animals in their private cars, not that they mind, but it’s about time we help them. They are currently looking for an operational ambulance for emergency rescue situations and create a large impact in N.C.R. be it Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida or Faridabad.

We sincerely request everyone to help them, contribute as much money as you can to achieve their goal to purchase an operational ambulance. We spend so much money on a daily basis, let’s spend for something that really matters and we can see a developed India, and until we don’t do it ourselves it won’t be developed.

Please visit: https://www.facebook.com/umeedforanimals/   for contributing

Stay Curious you all13237773_10157045696845093_2523644585902458784_n 2

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